Dunfermline Camera Club

Due to COVID-19, we are currently holding ZOOM meetings on a Wednesday evening at 19:00.

We are a group of enthusiastic photographers who meet at least once a week to take photographs.?

We range from beginners to experienced photographers. We learn from and help each other but the main aim is to have fun taking photographs.


We are first & foremost a camera club.

Our members are based in and around Dunfermline but we also have odd members from slightly further afield, even across the Forth.

We are not the same as some of the traditional camera clubs who mainly sit in a room each week listening to speakers and producing photographs for judges to preside over. We are hands on, get out there and take all different types of photographs for ourselves, our families, our friends and the Fife community.

We meet every Wednesday throughout the year and some ad-hoc days and events. The first Wednesday each month we meet at the Royal British Legion Dunfermline to talk about our program of events, hold workshops and other learning events & tutorials and discuss our photographs. The rest of the time we are out taking photographs and having fun as a group.


We are always open to new members.

We are always looking for new members. We know that some people are cautious about looking to join a camera club as they may think that all the members are 'camera geeks'.

Well, we are not that way inclined. Our only criteria is that you have a camera of some sort and it does not need to be a fancy DSLR!

We welcome absolute beginners to professionals, we just want people to want to learn, to want to share knowledge, to be part of a group and to have fun.

If you are unsure just contact us through the link in the VISITORS menu page and come out with us one night 'to try before you buy' so to speak. You will be most welcome.

We are a mixture of ages from 'old foggies' to some younger ones and we don't mind what age you are. It would be great to get some more younger members with modern ideas.

If you think some of the photos are a bit WOW don't worry we can help you get that good. On the other hand if you think you could produce better photos than that then come along and show us how it is done. There is space for everybody and we are all on a journey and some of us just need a good sat-nav.

We want to hear from you and we want to meet you so whether you want to join us or just want us to help in the community contact us and we can chat.

. All photos are copyright of Dunfermline Camera Club